Freeway Fury

Leap from car to car as you road rampage your way along a busy freeway!

Zapp Brannigan Soundboard

Featuring the awesome sounds of the Big Z, this soundboard will still be awesome a thousand years from now! 

Lunar Commander

This is a RTS game where you can build your mines and barracks, energy plants, etc. Make a grand army before the enemy arrives, then protect your base from waves of enemies. Instructions: Use...

Shattered Colony

Construct a base, and defend your colony against the zombie hordes!

Boxhead Rooms

Survive the waves of enemies, expand your armoury, kill them all! 

Mad Monday

Sometimes mondays just make you MAD!

Shadez 2

Build a base, collect materials and destroy the enemy!

Heli Storm 2

Death from above! Sweet game!

Zombie Rampage

Fight off the undead hordes with your massive arsenal of weaponry!

Rise of the Tower

Build up your tower and defend it in this badass defence game!

Demolition Drifters

This game is exactly how it sounds, drift your car around the track, just make sure your opponents are demolished before you are!

Galactic Colonization

Conquer the galaxy in this simple but awesome strategy game!

Corporate Wars

Defend your base in this sweet turret defense style game!To begin, buy your base and then click on 'mission'.


Redirect your trains and make sure they don't crash, by arranging your track sections in this sweet puzzle game

Apocalypse Later nears Beta

A new wave of graphics from Emir “sh4d” Cerimovic has brought unprecedented manliness to Apocalypse Later! 

Project Validus development begins

Early engine design and game planning has begun! Project Validus is a zombie survival game in which you control a team of survivors and must escape the zombie horror by any means possible. reviews Line of Fire is a very popular german flash site, and they did a thorough review of Line of Fire!

I'm glad they liked it so much :)

Line of Fire released!

Line of Fire has been released, and seems to be spreading pretty well! Thanks to everyone who helped out.

Apocalypse Later, in development!

Awesome new game in development, Apocalypse later! It's a side scrolling - action - platformer - shooter - tactics - adventure game :)

Line of Fire development complete!

Line of Fire is a side scrolling flying / shooting game I developed in 2010, mostly as a learning experience.



The inaugural news post of the new Lazy-Nation, marking the start of a grand new era for internet users everywhere!

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